Leather’o require a minimum space of 3.5metres wide by 2.5metres deep – the band is extremely compact. The line-up varies from a minimum of four members to a maximum of six.

The band can play at varying volumes depending on the requirements of the occasion, from purely acoustic or small PA (200w FOH suitable for smaller venues or “background” sound levels) to full PA (2,000w FOH suitable for larger venues and high impact or occasions where the band is more the focus of attention, for example at a Ceilidh).

The band also has its own professional lighting and can provide a large black backdrop if appropriate.

For installed PA’s and festivals, the band requires a minimum of twelve channels, including phantom power. We’re happy to bring our own microphones, stands, DI boxes and XLRs.

The band is happy to work with guest callers by prior agreement and can provide a headset radio mic for this purpose.

Leather’o can play sets of varying lengths to suit your occasion.

Fees are subject to the duration, location and technical requirements, and are negotiable depending on the commercial context.