Black Swan

We’ve often played in the Wolfe Room, upstairs at the Black Swan but it was great to have the chance to play the whole evening on a club night. Many thanks to Bob Mitchell for these great photos.

St Patricks Day 2023

What a banging St Patrick’s night at O’Neills in York! Here are Linds and Rachel bracing themselves for a long, loud gig!

As usual, the bar was rammed when we arrived – not the easiest load-in, but what a great crowd! Lots of dancing to two hours of Trad. Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

Starting the year at The Snickleway Inn

We started the year with our regular gig at The Snickleway Inn in York. We’d been arranging a few new tunes but hadn’t had time to run through them with our percussionist Billy. He did an amazing job of playing a new set that included two time changes, with only a two minute briefing along the lines of “three times through the first tune – the same 12/8 time as America from West Side Story – then it goes into three-three-two for the interlude, then it’s a straight reel but let Linds set the new tempo” He nailed it. Of course he did!

Bob Mitchell came down with the top-notch new Canon camera he was trying out – here are a few of his photos from the night:

The Legendary Jack Woods

Our mandolin player, the legendary Jack Woods, has left the band to concentrate on his many other musical projects,
After about 8 years with the band, we sent him off from his last gig with us at The Snickleway Inn in November, clutching his Leather’o Lifetime Achievement Award.
He will be travelling in Asia in early 2023 but we’re hoping he’ll join us for a couple of St Patricks gigs in March.

Band Website Travels Back in Time

We had an unfortunate incident with the band’s website. The software provider did an upgrade (of a function we don’t even use) and broke the site. Our web master restored it, but only back to where it was a year ago, and it took a few days before we noticed it had travelled back in time.

This is why we had to take it down for maintenance. It also explains why there’s a bit of a gap between summer 2021 and summer 2022. We’ve tried to rebuild it from memory!

St Patrick’s day

We always do one or two gigs around St Patricks day. These are usually a bit different to our usual set. This year we arrived to set up and were told the other act had pulled out, so could we please play from 7pm to 9pm, which we were booked for, then continue to 10.30pm. We have a lot of tunes in the back catalogue, so we made it through.

The next day we had a lovely gig in Bishop Wilton village hall – a completely different crowd and a great night!