Gradually Getting Back

It’s been six months since our last gig. Angie has been doing a lot of violin practice and Rach has learned a lot of 70’s TV Theme Tunes on the accordion. Jack’s recorded his third solo album and has had tracks from it played on BBC 6 Music – he was recently interviewed on BBC Radio York – he is Pascallion.

Jack Woods – Mandolin

Early on, we wrote a new tune that you can find on YouTube – we posted it back in April.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned a couple of new sets by some of the Celtic greats and we’ve had a couple of socially distanced rehearsals.

We know we have a few fans in the USA and we were delighted to have a track from our CD Six played on a local radio station in West Virginia.

September is usually one of our busiest months but it looks like it will be weeks before we’re able to get back to gigging in person. So, keep safe and see you all – eventually!

Home Alone

This weekend we should have been celebrating Jack’s birthday at The Ben Nevis in Glasgow on our way to gigs in Fort William, Glencoe and on The Isle of Skye. We’re fortunate that we’re all home, safe and well.

While we’ve been home, we wrote a new tune and sent it round to the other band members. Around the same time, Angie revealed that she knows how to do those videos with lots of separate windows of people playing together (you know – the ones where one girl appears, singing all the parts…).

So, here’s the result!

In Ireland, the elderly and vulnerable are being “cocooned”, so that’s where the title comes from and this one’s dedicated to Frank Ekstrom, just outside Dundalk, cocooned with his dog Tojo.

We’ll do some more work on arranging this as soon as we’re able to get together, and we’ll gig it a few times to see if it works live.

All the best from Leather’o in the meantime – keep well and see you soon!


Like most musicians and performers, we are cancelling all our gigs for the foreseeable future. We have several in the diary later in the year, so hopefully the situation will be back to normal by then.

In the meantime, we’re thinking about doing some recording and working on some new tunes.

Please continue to support the professional musicians you love to listen to – their income will drop drastically, just as the festival season was about to start.

Keep well, do the right thing and see you all soon!