Here’s a video we made during lockdown#2, just to remind ourselves how one of the big sets go. It’s surprisingly difficult to stay together when you’re playing along on your own with just a pair of earphones!

This is The Superfly Set by The Treacherous Orchestra – one of our all-time favourite bands!

The three tunes are:

  • Sheepskins and Beeswax – a trad tune that’s thought to have made its way from Co. Wexford to Quebec then back again. The title is a reference to a plaster, placed on an injury, that’s almost impossible to get back off.
  • Taybank Shenanigans by the TO’s piper and whistle player Ross Ainslie. According to The Session website, it’s named after the pub in Dunkeld.
  • Superfly by Kevin O’Neill – the flautist of Treacherous Orchestra who is supposed to have played it at the sessions in the Ben Nevis in Glasgow – our favourite Glasgow pub!

Many thanks to Angela for editing the video and Jack for mixing the sound – all recorded on a variety of iPhones in houses around York. A special mention to Billy for the disco lights!